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Sports Motivation

Sports motivation for teams

Hypnotherapy For Sports Motivation

Every athlete on a team has a different sports motivation psychology. Perhaps one team member knows he is the best and wishes to prove it while another may be good at the sport but is motivated only by the money he can make while still another is looking for approval from someone.

The difficulty for the coach is to take all of these diverse motivations and use sports psychology motivation applied in different ways for each team member as well as motivation techniques for the team as a whole. That can be a lot of balls to juggle in the air at once and is no simple task.

Recognising that the life of a professional athlete is an unusual one with many outside influences and pressures that can result in poor choices and worse performance on the field also adds a challenge for a coach.

Many professional athletes showed such promise as children that they never developed the emotional maturity and valuable life experience they need to cope due to the choice of long practice hours and adherence to strict diet instead of hanging out with friends. This makes them easy prey for bad influences.

Part of the coach’s job is to help them to develop the tools to manage personal relationships, and build social and emotional maturity, which will ultimately improve performance on the court or field, and reduce the risk of damaging behaviour.

The importance of motivation in sports is obvious. But your athletes have issues with family, friends, money or the media they will not have their heads in the game.

A team that is has any individual in it who is not liberated to play his best, instead is weighed down by personal worries and stress, will soon become a losing team.

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