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What Is Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy All About?

Hypnosis is not a therapy in itself. Through the power of suggestion (over which you are fully in control) it promotes a state of deep relaxation and heightened awareness.

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Hypnosis is a naturally occurring trance state, similar to daydreaming, during which time passes very quickly and feelings of deep relaxation and peace are often reported by clients.

Because the mind and body work together, the client’s mental and physical self-healing processes are triggered for their benefit.

We all enter the natural hypnotic state many times a day as we let our mind wander; while reading a good book, travelling in the car or watching a movie.  The more intelligent a client, the more easily they allow themselves to enter hypnosis because focused attention is required.

When undergoing hypnotherapy, patients are conscious and aware of everything that is being said.  They are open to the power of suggestion, provided they have no conscious objection to the suggestions being made.  Therefore, hypnotherapy is a partnership between the client and therapist.

Are there some people who cannot be hypnotised?
Yes.  There are people who are unable to sustain the concentration or conditions required for hypnosis such as young children, those who suffering from brain trauma, cognitive deficits, dementia, paranoia or indeed hostile patients.

Shall I be aware of what’s happening when under hypnosis?

Yes. The word ‘hypnosis’ comes from Hypnos, the Greek god of Sleep and shortly after the term ‘hypnosis’ was coined, it was realised that it was an incorrect term.

What happens is your brain ‘zones out’ or ‘switches off’ consciously.  As a result of this relaxation, your brain then goes into heightened awareness to allow it to make whatever changes are required at a deep level in the brain –  the unconscious mind.  Sleeping would defeat the purpose!  So when clients say ‘I didn’t feel hypnotised’ my response is ‘great’ – because hypnosis is not a feeling – it is an altered state of consciousness.

When clients are hypnotised, they are usually aware of their surroundings and can hear everything going on around them, including the hypnotherapist’s voice.

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