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Hypno-healing: how does it work?

The body is the most extraordinary mechanism. Breathing, heartbeat, digestion, hormone release, cellular renewal and thousands of other functions take place without the need to think about them. However, our unconscious mind is very much involved with many of these processes. In hypnosis it is easy to turn all sorts of bodily functions on and off.

There are three steps involved in hypno-healing:
1. Identifying whether the disease has an emotional cause (often this is a repressed emotion or experience). It is possible to communicate with the unconscious mind to investigate possible emotional links. The emotional cause is then treated.

2. The use of special imagery. If the emotional cause has been treated, or if there is no emotional link, the next stage is to use positive imagery—the unconscious mind is primitive and works with pictures. Programming the mind with positive imagery causes it to bring about healing.

3. Strengthening the new programming with positive suggestions and affirmations.

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