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Dealing with guilt

Dealing With Guilt

Guilt is a natural emotion that comes as a result of the person doing something that is against his or her values. It is like a built-in self-correction system that notifies you the second you get out of harmony with what you consider right or wrong.

Many people wrongly interpret guilt thinking that guilt is a notification of a sin.

Because of this reason some people stay in this emotion until they get depressed and feel unworthy.

Guilt, however, was never intended to be interpreted this way. Guilt should not be dwelled in, its only purpose is to notify you of your deviation from your values.

If you find it hard to understand the purpose of guilt, think about it as your car’s navigation system. If you are going from Rome to Paris but you suddenly take the wrong road, your navigation system will give you a signal that you are off-track. When you hear the signal, you don’t beat yourself up and regret taking the wrong road. You simply get back on the right road.

So the same goes with guilt. When you feel guilty, don’t get upset about it. Simply take a note of it and don’t make the same mistakes as before.

If the answer to the question what is guilt? is now clear to you, you are probably wondering if guilt notifies you of the sin that you’ve just committed. So let’s deal with this question next.

If you see two people arguing and both of them honestly think that they are right, they both are. They simply have a different understanding of the situation based on their different beliefs and life experience.

So when you feel guilty, this emotion notifies you that you’ve deviated from what you consider right or wrong.

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