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Fear of Public Speaking

Man with fear of public speaking

How can hypnosis reduce the fear of speaking in public?

Ever had butterflies in your stomach, that dizzy and nauseous feeling when asked to speak to a group of people?

Even days before, you seem somewhat uncontrollable and disoriented. And when you get to the rostrum or stage, you just want the floor to swallow you up? That feeling that gives you the jitters and that you just want to back out?

Alas, you are not the only one. I guess that would relieve you a bit, knowing you are not an isolated case. A lot of people are horrified having to talk in front of a group of people. You share this social phobia of public speaking with just about millions out there. It is one of the worst fears people have, in fact, in surveys, it came out as the number one fear.

Public speaking is when you speak to a group of people in a deliberate manner either intended to influence, entertain or inform your listeners. And the fear of that is public speaking anxiety. There are lots of ways to overcome this fear and soar high with your public speaking engagements.

Some Tips for Confident Public Speaking

These few tips may help prior to your public speaking date. Have a mind set that 99% of your worries do not actually happen, and that leaves only 1% that they do. So if you set your mind that you will not fumble, then you won’t. Do not memorise verbatim. It will baffle you once you lose a word or two. Instead it is advisable to have pointers or notes. Pause regularly, in that way you don’t get to speak so fast.

Emphasise on points that you are more familiar with. This is a great confidence booster. And when you are led to negative thoughts regarding your public speaking commitment, redirect these thoughts and focus more on positives. In that way, it will also attract another positive outcome.

Hypnosis also helps public speaking anxiety. It has been used for many years now to relieve nervousness. The fear of public speaking is all in the mind, the sub-conscious mind. Because you foresee pessimistic things, you tend to feel those stress inducing negative effects.

Through hypnosis, the mind is reprogrammed to have a different view of public speaking. It purges your mind of your negative expectations thereby positively attracting your mind to a successful presentation.

So dread no more. Conquer your fear and avoid those knots in your stomach.

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